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THE 5 D’s OF


De-Escalation Training for Responsible Concealed Carry

Using your firearm or any weapon in self-defense is a last resort, and it is important to understand the legal and practical implications of doing so. In Arizona, the law allows the use of deadly force in self-defense when a person believes that deadly physical force is necessary to protect themselves or another person from imminent death or serious physical injury. De-escalation training is an often overlooked but very important component to a well-rounded personal protection and home defense strategy.

Self-Defense Attorney and Firearms Instructor Tim Forshey presents the 5 D’s of Armed Self-Defense in the video above. The Free Online Video Course is provided as a guide to understanding your legal options for self-defense. To expand on the knowledge presented in the video above, we offer an in-person, interactive De-Escalation & CCW Technique Course demonstrating real-world scenarios with professional firearms and self-defense instructors to help develop your personal protection and home defense skills.

  • This is a 2 hour in-person class taught by a Nationally Certified Instructor
  • Learn how to prevent & deal with a violent attack
  • Learn how to identify public threats
  • Learn about Armed and Unarmed self-defense options
  • Learn how to legally carry, display and draw a concealed firearm
  • Learn how to practice concealed carry and dry-fire at home
  • Learn and practice what to do, who to call and what to say after a self-defense shooting
  • Review Firearms Safety, Handling & Legal Use Of Force Laws
  • Document your knowledge with a Certificate of Completion
  • Receive a downloadable “5 D’s Of Armed Self-Defense” e-booklet, 65 Page CCW Resource Guide + Pen, Self-Defense Flashlight, CCW Ankle Holster & Dry-Fire Targets ($69 value)
  • Perfect for individuals, couples, friends, family, work groups, church groups & others

CCW De-Escalation Training Class in Arizona | Armed Self-Defense


  • Open mind and willingness to learn
  • Any questions you might have pertaining to your personal situation
  • No firearms or live ammunition


  • Camelback Square located at 6991 East Camelback Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Upon course completion, you will leave with confidence and a strategy on how to better protect yourself and family. Sign up today!